Our Kids Krav Maga Program


This is such a fun time of year!! We get to welcome back many of the kids that haven’t been around as much over the summer. We are also having a blast welcoming the new kids jumping into classes like they have been here for years. We love the stories of adventures and vacation that are told. (Some stories, I’m sure mom and dad would have preferred not told, LOL!) The kids get so pumped to run and play in the gym before, during and after classes!! We may be a little bias, but…..our kids are the coolest most fun kids in Maryland?!

The ages for our kids program go from 4.5 to 12 – Depending on the individual child. We strive to build self-confidence through self-defense and fitness in our program. We pride ourselves on excellent training for all types of kids ranging from the Uber-Athlete to the Uncoordinated “Allergic” to Movement child. The children learn that not only is it important for them to learn the techniques its also important to be a leader and encourage those around them to excel.

Play Hard, Work Hard, Be The Best You!

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