Why Watchdog Krav Maga?

Krav Maga, Self Defense

You’re shopping around, about to make an important decision. What Gym should I join? What program should I sign up for? Why Watchdog Krav Maga and not “Other Martial Arts Gym”? We have a few answers for that last question:

Peace of Mind, Fun, and Community.

At Watchdog Krav Maga, you don’t just come to class to kick pads and sweat for an hour (although sweat is a nice byproduct of what we do!). Our students come for the sense of safety and Peace of Mind that Krav Maga instills in them. Many, if not all of our students have experienced some trauma in their lives. Whether kindergartner, athlete, business professional or grandma, the techniques we teach at Krav Maga fit all lifestyles and abilities. The International Krav Maga Federation’s (IKMF- our parent organization) motto is ” I Will Walk in Peace”. The techniques you learn under stressful simulations will give you the Peace of Mind and confidence to walk down the street knowing you can defend yourself- hopefully with a few pieces of your attacker in tow!

At Watchdog Krav Maga, you will learn Self Defense in its’ purest form, all while having fun and working up a sweat. Our highly trained instructors will help your body learn instinctive defenses and counterattacks with immersive classes, drills, games and seminars. Class structure is often influenced by real- world events and application, but we break these events down into scenarios your body and mind can understand- and act on! This is what sets us apart from other organizations. There are no grandiose martial arts “forms” (think 80’s martial arts movie)- just simple, direct action. We also supplement Krav Maga with our Grappling, Ground Submission and Wrestling classes. As a member, you will also have access to all of our seminars such as the- most-fun-you-will-ever-have Carjacking Seminar, and tons of extracurricular Community events.

The Community at Watchdog Krav Maga is why many stay here. It is a welcoming, diverse group that will do anything for you. A common sight at Watchdog is post- class water cooler talk (literally- we need to hydrate!) in our common area. We are a like- minded group of individuals that bond over our shared love, and in doing so discover deeper connections among our peers. Our regular classes and events reinforce and help build this Community and put us all on the path of Walking in Peace.

So if your mind isn’t made up by now, leave with this. If you want to Walk in Peace in a safe, supportive and fun environment while getting in phenomenal shape, come in and try another free class. Hopefully by then, you will be ready to join our IKMFamily!

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