Krav Maga

Krav Maga Adult Program


Krav Maga is the most effective self-defense fighting method in the world.

Krav-Maga, Hebrew for Contact Combat, is the highly effective battle and street tested Israeli system of self-defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics.

What does this mean to you? Simply stated, Krav-Maga WILL enable you to defend yourself. It is easy to learn, easy to retain and easy to use. These self-defense classes teach people, young and old, how to defend themselves and their loved ones against a variety of dangers and threats.

Beginner Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga program for beginners includes P1 & P2 curriculum (sometimes  referred to as “Yellow Belt”) is designed for the average person to understand and practice the fundamental strikes and defenses of Krav Maga while getting in fighting condition.

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Intermediate Krav Maga

The “Orange Belt” Watchdog Krav Maga (IKMF) for intermediate students includes P3 and P4  is where the students can truly begin to have a lot of fun – more advanced scenarios including full-gear sparring, multiple attacker drills.

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Advanced Krav Maga

Advanced adult Krav Maga is training for P5 and G1 students (Green Belt). As we getting more proficient in the core skills, more exotic defenses against various types of strikes in specific conditions, and advanced weapons defenses are introduced.

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