Krav Maga for intermediate students includes P3 and P4 (or Orange Belt) and is where the students can truly begin to have alot of fun. The primary focus of an Intermediate Krav Maga student is learning how to apply the skills you’ve learned in as a Level 1 student to more advanced scenarios.

Defensive skills are added to the strong offensive techniques we’ve covered, and students now train to defend various chokes, grabs, holds and striking attacks from multiple directions.

In addition, instructors will work with you on honing and adding additional offense skills, advance strikes and various tools that can be used to defend yourself if a situation were to arise.

Quite often there is more than just 1 technique that is effective in a scenario, and Watchdog Krav Maga will make sure you have as many arrows in your quiver as possible.

Another, even more exciting part of Intermediate training is introduction of ‘sparring’. This is where you learn how to take, and deliver, a hit.

Wearing protective sparring gear (including boxing or MMA gloves, shin guards, mouth guard and appropriate headgear), we walk you through the basics of fight and drill techniques that will help improve your response and counter attacking.

Sparing is a fantastic way to keep your body and mind in peak condition. Developing the fortitude and “never back down” mentality will keep you in the game and improve your skills as a fighter.

Techniques in sparring are primarily drawn from disciplines like kick boxing, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and Mua Thai.

Each level within the Krav Maga Intermediate Program typically takes 3-6 months to cover and learn all of the training material. As belt testing times approach, Instructors will review as much of the material as possible and will often cater class time to students as requested for view of specific techniques.

All Krav Maga Intermediate students will need sparring gear for training and testing. After successfully passing the P3 belt and P4 belt tests, students can be eligible to begin training in our Krav Maga Advanced Program.

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If you’ve been thinking about starting martial arts program or are looking to take your training to the next level, Watchdog Krav Maga can help you reach your goals.