Advanced adult Krav Maga is training for P5 and G1 students (Green Belt), where more defenses against various types of strikes in specific conditions are introduced. As we getting more proficient in the core skills, we’re able add more exotic defenses using the same principals: additional defense against more types of strikes and kicks, hair grabs, and releasess, holds and chokes standing and on the ground.

Introducing weapons defense! Advanced Krav Maga training begins training for defending against attacks with stick or knife. This may include multiple attackers and attacks from varying ranges, angles and conditions.

As curriculum levels progress, sparring intensity increases accordingly. Kick boxing skills are honed, along with advanced combinations of kicks, punches, slipping and ducking. Students may participate in near full speed fighting (typically while wearing protective gear). Sparring may also involve the mixing of strikes with grappling, takedowns and ground fighting. This is where your Krav Maga skills are tested in close to real-life situations, and where you will best be able to work on and improve on your fighting abilities.

Advanced practitioners needs to be able to recognize danger, analyze a situation and solve it without hesitation. You will learn techniques and solutions that resolve when you are no longer in danger, meaning you have escaped from, neutralized and scanned all existing danger.

After earning a G1 certification, subsequent Graduate curriculum at Watchdog Krav Maga (G2 up to Expert) are by invitation only at Watchdog Krav Maga.

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If you’ve been thinking about starting martial arts program or are looking to take your training to the next level, Watchdog Krav Maga can help you reach your goals.