Our Krav Maga program for beginners includes P1 & P2 curriculum (sometimes  referred to as “Yellow Belt”) is designed for the average person to understand and practice the fundamental strikes and defenses of Krav Maga while getting in fighting condition. In a few months of training 2-3 times per week, our Krav Maga Beginner’s program will get you into fighting shape. Each week we focus on different techniques and philosophies of Krav Maga basics. The Krav Maga Beginner’s program focuses mainly on fundamentals like fighting stance, offensive striking and teaching aggressive attacks, essential core training for self defense. At the same time we focus on conditioning your mind and body, drilling techniques essential for getting home safe in the event of an assault.  Curriculum basics include groin kicks, punches, elbow and knees strikes, and when-and-how to apply these strikes in an assault. After a few months of  intense training, you should be ready for your first belt-test. Your body and mindset will feel transformed. The knowledge that you are able to defend yourself if the need arises can be a very powerful moment for students. After passing your P2 test, you will be ready to begin working in our Krav Maga Intermediate Program!
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If you’ve been thinking about starting martial arts program or are looking to take your training to the next level, Watchdog Krav Maga can help you reach your goals.