Fitness training

What is FightFit?

Krav Maga is about self-defense, and the key to self-defense is fitness. That’s the first thing you will learn at Watchdog Krav Maga – how to get in good physical shape and stay that way. All of our classes include intense cardio training designed to get your heart rate up, condition your muscles and build mental toughness.

Just looking for cardio and conditioning? We offer FightFit classes daily, a 30-minute intense workout with a Krav Maga twist. Its the most fun and intense workout you will find anywhere, we guarantee it! FightFit is the extra special sauce at Watchdog! Fun, immersive workout sessions based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principals. Classes run throughout the week, usually just before or after a regular class. Our workouts focus primarily on cardiovascular and muscular endurance by using a set of repeated exercises (intervals) to get your heart pumping and your body sweating!

Krav Maga FightFit

FightFit is an excellent supplement to Krav Maga because it prepares the body for the uncertainty and stress of defending itself. All exercises and movements are based in movements related to Krav Maga to ensure muscle memory and synapses are building in the right way! You can expect 30+ minutes of heart-pumping action in a FightFit class, so come with plenty of water and ready to work!

Be sure to check the schedule regularly for updates and new class times!

Why Watchdog Krav Maga?

Watchdog Krav Maga is an IKMF school, the largest most respected Krav Maga school in the world. You will learn the same fighting techniques we teach to the Israeli Defense Force to fight terrorism—close contact fighting and weapons defense. Intimidated? Don’t be, we are a family at Watchdog Krav Maga. Everyone works together to help each other achieve. We praise success and encourage growth.

Strength Training

Are you looking for a complete gym with trainers, classes and full-featured equipment?

Membership includes access to all of our training facilities and classes with no hidden add-ons.


Do you want to learn how to fight and stay physically and mentally fit?

The Krav Maga fighting systems is the easiest to learn and most effective fighting system in the world.

Weapons Defense

Worried about what to do to keep your family safe in an emergency?

Active shooter, gun and knife defense classes teach you how to recognize and neutralize a threat to get you home safe.

Personal Training

Looking for one-on-one instruction to help you hone your techniques?

Our trainers are on-hand and ready to take your fighting skills, physical and mental toughness to the next level!

Women's Classes

In search of self-defense training techniques just for women and girls?

Join us for our Women only Stay Away multi-week seminars, specifically designed for women to defend against an attacker.

Kids Self-Defense

Want to make sure your child knows how to protect themselves against bullying?

Our kids Krav classes are crafted for kids and teens to deal with bullying that builds confidence and helps teach methods to avoid conflict.

Join our family

If you’ve been thinking about starting martial arts program or are looking to take your training to the next level, Watchdog Krav Maga can help you reach your goals.

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